Are you wondering what to pack for your holiday? What to wear during the day or for a special evening?; heels or flat shoes?, and for the beach? Even a diva like Monica Bellucci faces the same problems regarding the clothing and accessories to wear during the holiday time, and she gives us 10 valuable tips on what is essential and what is not, in an interview with The Telegraph. The actress, who is the face of Dolce & Gabbana, seems pretty sure on what fits better for her, combining practicality and elegance.

“A long dress that you can add jewellery to for evenings and wear plain during the day. Even though I’m photographed in black a lot, when I’m tanned I like to wear a colour.” Said Monica to The Telegraph and added:
“A lace top. I’ll wear it with jeans for lunch or at night with a black lace skirt”.
But what should Monica always have inside her case? “Wherever I go, there’s always a little knee-length black dress in my case. I’m very curvy and I like to keep things classic and simple”. Explained Ms. Cassell who during vacation tries also unusual style:
“A gypsy dress – it’s the complete opposite of a little black dress, but on holiday it’s the one time you can wear it.”
About beachwear, Monica seems to be pretty sure about what she wants “I take four bikinis: Eres, Dolce & Gabbana. and then I’ll buy some when I’m away. Lisa Marie Fernandez does beautiful, flattering ones that really enhance your shape.”

Accessories are also foundamental for a vacation in Monica style “A hat. I don’t like huge floppy ones, they’re not practical when it comes down to it. I like a medium brim, lightweight straw and I wear it all the time” Explained Monica.
Heels. It’s tempting just to pack flats when you go on holiday, but there’s always at least one evening when you’ll wish you packed heels. Sparkly, metallic or lace look amazing with a tan.”
For what regards jewellery, in vacation Monica opts for Costume Jewellery “I’m a huge jewellery fan. Costume jewellery is perfect for holidays, but it has to be great quality. Big chandelier earrings are a must in my case, at least one pair. They take up no space and they’ll transform the plainest T-shirt.”
And she concludes with “Beach bag. It has to be big because I’ve got two kids, and  Black-framed sunglasses. I always take spares.”

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